Air Quality Health Index Forecasts 空氣質素健康指數預測

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January 25 2015

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ensemble-based Regional Air Quality Forecast System uses multiple models, combining with land-use, emission, meteorological and air quality monitoring data, to make 72 hour forecasts over East Asia, with enhanced resolution down to 1km around Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta. Our system can forecast many air quality related parameters, including hourly gas and particulate pollutant concentrations, visibility, AQHI, AQI, etc.

香港科技大學的集成區域空氣質素預報系統利用多個模型,綜合土地利用、污染源排放、 氣象和空氣質素監測數據等進行72小時預報,產品包括;每小時懸浮粒子、二氧化硫、 二氧化氮和臭氧等多種污染物濃度,以及能見度、空氣質素指數等。模型模擬區域覆蓋整個東亞, 在香港和珠三角地區空間分辨率高達一公里。

Time 時間 Forecasts 預測 Verification 驗證
4am-5am Moderate 中 Moderate 中
5am-6am Moderate 中 Moderate 中
6am-7am Moderate 中 Moderate 中
7am-8am Moderate 中 Moderate 中
8am-9am Moderate 中 Moderate 中
9am-10am Moderate 中 Moderate 中
10am-11am Moderate 中 Moderate 中
11am-Noon Moderate 中 Moderate 中
Health Advice 健康忠告

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