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Environmental Central Facility


Hong Kong society has made the improvement of its environment a high priority issue to ensure sound future development. HKUST wishes to contribute to this important task.

The formation of the Institute for the Environment/ Environmental Central Facility (ENVF/ IENV) has contributed to effective collaboration between those university departments actively engaged in environmental studies and government and industry in the solution of the many urgent environmental challenges facing Hong Kong and its surrounding region.  Joint and cooperative work with government and academic institutions in China has also taken place and is increasing in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) era.

We emphasize that the philosophy of the central facility is to support development necessary for a growing population and an increasing standard of living, but to ensure as much as possible that such development is carried out in a sustainable way, that is, in harmony with our natural environment.

Fields of Study

The Environmental Central Facility engages primarily in applied, multidisciplinary environmental research and development activities that promote the socio-economic and technological development of Hong Kong and its region.

Our center has completed a list of research projects in the following areas:
項目符號 Atmospheric modeling and air pollution
項目符號 Environmental biotechnology
項目符號 Cleaner production
項目符號 Coastal, marine science, engineering and management
項目符號 Remote sensing and environmental GIS

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